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The French Quebec

Québec’s official language is French. While many people, especially around Québec City and Montreal, speak English as well, French is still good to know as you move away from the major cities.

In fact, the provincial government has official regulations to limit the use of English, in some cases, as an attempt to preserve their French identity.

Unique identity 

Québec is the largest province in Canada, yet it retains a somewhat European feel in some areas. However, above all, the people are Québecois (sometimes referred to as Québeckers), and they take pride in their unique identity, which has French roots. Ethnic diversity is present in Québec, mainly within the cities. About 69% of the people are Canadian, with the next largest group being French, at 30%. After that, the most prevalent ethnicities are Irish, Italian, English, Scottish and Native American with less than 5% each.

Seasons in Quebec 

Four distinct seasons lend a variety to activities throughout the year, ranging from summer festivals in the hot and humid air, to skiing in the crisp and cold winter. Autumn bursts with explosions of colour, and spring comes to welcome back warmer weather.


When it comes to food, again the French influence is there, but it is also blended with native foods, and other local favourites. In general the food is rich. Poutine, for example, is a dish of French fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds – definitely not light fare.


Industry in Québec stems from its abundance of natural resources. The fertile soil is ideal for agricultural produce like fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and the thing Québec is most known for – maple syrup.

Forests abound in Québec as well, which means forestry, lumber and paper are prevalent. The hydroelectric industry is possible due to the region’s water resources. High-tech companies can be found as well, covering everything from video game companies to aerospace giants like Lockheed Martin.

It is hard to make generalisations about any province as large as Québec. There are ties to the past, yet an independent spirit thrives among the people. Anyone looking for a strong sense of community, or a blend of the romantic and the modern would do well to consider Québec.


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