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The Nelson region, with its administrative centre in the city with the same name, lies on the shore of Tasman Bay, in the North of the country’s South Island.

The region is administered by the Nelson City Council and the Tasman District Council, located in Richmond. With one side facing the Tasman Sea and the rest of the region surrounded by mountains, Nelson is the gateway to a series of national parks and a centre for ecotourism and adventure tourism.

Nelson has an annual average of 2400 sunshine hours, so it’s little wonder why so many people choose the region for their holidays.

According to data from Statistics New Zealand, in 2007, 3774 people born in the UK and Ireland lived in the Nelson City Council area, making up 9.1% of the total city’s population (42,891).

Nelson’s economy is mainly driven by the seafood, horticulture, tourism and forestry industries. Art, aviation, engineering technology and information technology are also growing industries in the area


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